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Optional tour in Kyoto, Japan
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Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka
Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka Room Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka Room
Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka  (http://www.princehotels.com/en/akasaka/)
New building of Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka has a modern exterior, as if it shows the images of Akasaka, which is a center of politics, economy, and culture in Japan. This building was designed by Kenzo Tange, and is 40 storey’s high skyscraper with 715 comfortable spacious rooms, which are 43 sqm. wide. Every room is designed for our guest’s relaxation. All of our rooms are located at the corner of the building, so you can enjoy our fine view of Tokyo, at every room. Also, 2 telephone lines are available and its functionality in businesses is prepared.
We also have facilities such as, 11 restaurants and bars, “Old building” which has classical calmness, “Goshiki” which large conventions could be held. We provide you variations of services and functionality, comfort and hospitality.
Room type Size Charge (JPY)
(per person   per night)
Breakfast Reserve
SINGLE 36.8 m² 15,700  Yen Buffet
TWIN 36.8 m² 9,800  Yen Buffet
AKASAKA EXCEL HOTEL TOKYU  (http://www.tokyuhotelsjapan.com/en/)
The Renewed Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu A "hideout" for grown-ups who enjoy the Tokyo nightlife.
Adult who enjoy both work and play come together in Akasaka, a neighborhood where buisiness meets pleasure.
The guest room at Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu have been refurbished in order to serve the needs and desires of our sensitive clientele even better.
A conveniently located base for business and leisure trips alike,the hotel, with its interior designed after a "hideout" cocept,combines Japanese essence with stylish functionalily to ensure a pleasant and comfortable stay.
Room type Size Charge (JPY)
(per person   per night)
Breakfast Reserve
SINGLE 15 m² 18,500  Yen Buffet
TWIN 22 m² 12,000  Yen Buffet
TOSHI CENTER HOTEL  (http://www.toshicenter.co.jp/e/)
Friendly nature and sunlight. Calm atmosphere. Hiragamachi, Tokyo, the center of politics and economy, is one of the greatest business fields.
Toshi Center Hotel greets pour guest from the best location in Tokyo, with relaxing facilities and hospitality. As an accommodation for business, leisure, as a base in Tokyo, please enjoy your comfortable stay.
We have 327 rooms (14F-22F) where the great panoramic view of Tokyo could be seen. There are single rooms, twin rooms, Japanese room, and rooms for handicapped. We wish your pleasant stay in our guest rooms.
Room type Size Charge (JPY)
(per person   per night)
Breakfast Reserve
SINGLE 15 m² 11,400  Yen Buffet
TWIN 23 - 30 m² 9,900  Yen Buffet

MaRRoaD Inn Akasaka
MaRRoaD Inn Akasaka Room 1 MaRRoaD Inn Akasaka Room 2
MaRRoaD Inn Akasaka  (http://www.marroad.jp/akasaka/)
The international forefront of buisiness, Akasaka. Marroad inn Akasaka proudly provides you a convenience, which comes from our location, the center of Tokyo, and palatial European continental styled facilities. By using a subway line, you can widen your radius of action. The town is full of variations of information, and you can also relax inside our hotel too. You can enjoy a class above luxury in both the business at day, and relaxation at night.
Robbie where we greet our guest is impressive interior of European styled marble and chandelier. Casual back ground music makes the splendid atmosphere. Our hotel has varieties of facilities such as, 264 guest rooms, banquet hall where any kinds of meetings or parties can be held, meeting room, and Chinese restaurant where you could enjoy the comfort meal and alcohols. We provide our guest the finest hospitality unique to Marroad inn Akasaka.
Room type Size Charge (JPY)
(per person   per night)
Breakfast Reserve
SINGLE 10 m² 7,300  Yen Including
TWIN 15 m² 6,300  Yen Including
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